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Compression Socks

Travel socks were created to help with reducing the swelling and discomfort in the lower legs and feet while on long flights. Part of the reason why this swelling occurs, is because people are cramped into a small space that allows very little movement of the legs.  This movement is important for flexing muscles in the thighs, calves and feet.  These flexing muscles contractions help push the fluid against gravity to the heart to be recirculated.

Compression socks, TED hose, and Travel socks help replace these contractions in the lower legs that are not happening as frequently as needed.

As people age, they become less active and perhaps sit for greater amounts of time.  This may limit the number of contractions or pumping action needed to promote healthier circulation.  

People with swelling or edema can benefit from wearing a graduated compression sock that has less compression, and is more tolerable to wear.  

Excessive swelling or edema of the legs and feet can lead to further medical complications.

Swollen legs and ankles can be a symptom of more serious conditions and you should seek medical advice from your physician. 

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