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About us

Having been an Occupational Therapist for nearly 30 years in various rehabilitation settings, I 've seen most of the new gadgets or gizmos on the market to help people become more independent with their self care.

Many of these products are amazing, others, unfortunately, are cheaply made and break easily, or the they just plain didn't work.  Few provide a solution for those that have bending of reaching limitations.

That is why Creative Self Care Solutions was created.  We help provide innovative solutions to help increase independence with dressing, toileting, and bathing.

Our products help those with back pain, obesity, hip replacements, knee replacements, diabetes, peripheral neuropathies, cardiac problems, dizziness, falls, pregnancy, etc.

Our mission is to help people maintain or increase their independence while promoting awareness for a healthier lifestyle.

An inch of prevention can be better than a foot of cure. 


Creative Self Care Solutions


Products include:  

  • Shock Aid Dressing Stick
  • Hinged Sock Aide
  • Hinged Compression Sock Aide
  • Compression Sock Aide Closing Tool
  • Tidy Wiper Toileting/Bathing Aid
  • Portable Tidy Wiper Toileting/Bathing Aid
  • MD Ultimate Bamboo Travel Socks. 
  • Bamboo Compression Socks
  • Attachable Bathing Sponges
  • Premium Reachers