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CREATIVE SELF CARE SOLUTIONS FOLDING HARD SHELL SOCK AID( Single Spring ) Folding hard sock aid helps open the sock.

 The  PATENTED FOLDING HARD SHELL SOCK AID  folds in half to make it easier to put the sock on the device. A SPRING helps open the sock,  Easier is better!

Special features include:

* Customized hinge prevents friction and allows the foot to glide inside the sock aid.

* Hinge allows the Sock Aid to close to a smaller opening and lock in place, making it easier to put socks on the Device. This is helpful for those with weak or arthritic fingers. 

* The Hinged Sock Aid helps open the sock to a larger size with the help of a protectively covered tension spring. 

* One size fits most feet. Socks do not get overstretched like they can with standard rigid sock aids.

* Soft rope with oversized grips make it easier to grasp and pull 

* Designed for non-slip socks, day to day socks, diabetic socks, travel socks,and light compression socks with mild to moderate compression. 

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