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Ultimate Bamboo Travel Socks

Promotes Leg Circulation+MD Graduated Compression systematically applies graduated pressure to the lower legs increasing blood flow back towards the heart.

Helps Reduce Swelling+MD Travel Socks use engineered pressure zones for optimal support, reducing fatigue while standing, sitting, traveling.

Relief for Varicose and Spider Veins+MD Compression Socks may aid in the prevention and relief of Varicose and spider veins

Anti-Microbial and Moisture Wicking+MD Travel Socks utilize Bamboo to help keep your feet fresh, dry and comfortable.  Bamboo's moisture-wicking and anti-microbial properties help to naturally reduce odors and discomfort.

Reduce symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy   Informal studies conducted by a Therapist indicated numerous patients demonstrated positive outcomes while wearing these socks. This included decreased hyper sensitivity to tolerating blankets and sheets on the feet at night, as well as reduced tingling and numbness during the day and night.  Patients also reported they had better sensation or “feeling” in their feet and felt more secure or aware of the ground while walking. Most patients indicated their feet were warmer at night due to improved circulation which helped with sleeping better.

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