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CSCS Folding Sock Aid ( Single Spring ) Folding hard sock aid helps open the sock.

 Don't struggle to put on traveler or compression socks.  The Hinged Sock Aid is here to help! It folds in half to make it easier to put the sock on the device. It also helps open the sock for easier placement of the foot inside of the sock.  No bending is required.  Easier is better!

Special features include:

* Customized hinge prevents friction and allows the foot to glide inside the sock aid.

* Hinge allows the Sock Aid to close to a smaller opening and lock in place, making it easier to put socks on the Device. This is helpful for those with weak or arthritic fingers. 

* The Hinged Sock Aid helps open the sock to a larger size with the help of a protectively covered tension spring. 

* One size fits most feet. Socks do not get overstretched like they can with standard rigid sock aids.

* Soft rope with oversized grips make it easier to grasp and pull 

* Designed for non-slip socks, regular socks, diabetic socks, and light compression socks with mild to moderate compression.

Compression level                            Recommended Device

  • Mild (8-15 mm HG)               Hinged Sock Aid
  • Moderate (15-20 mm HG)    Hinged Sock Aid
  • Firm (20-30 mm HG)             Hinged Compression Sock Aid ( Two spring)
  • Very Firm (30-40 mm HG)    Not available (yet)


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