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Ultimate Bamboo Compression Socks for larger calves


Ultimate Bamboo Compression Socks for larger calves 

Ultimate compression, comfort, and affordability. Bamboo Compression Socks provide 30 mm/Hg compression- Over the Calf moister wicking socks. with non stitched enlarged toe boxes to reduce toe squeeze, Oversized band at the top of the socks helps reduce squeezing pinch to make fit more comfortable.  Bamboo fiber helps makes the socks more breathable to help reduce heat and wick sweat away.

  • Improve performance and reduce injury-Increase blood flow and oxygen delivery, reduce jarring, vibration and soft tissue injury. Helps improve recovery time
  • Promotes Leg Circulation-Graduated Compression 30 mm/Hg systematically applies graduated pressure to the lower legs increasing blood flow back to the heart
  • Helps reduce swelling-Helps massage the legs and feet, helping to reduce edema (swelling).
  • Reduces leg fatigue- Engineered pressure zones for optimal support, reducing leg fatigue while running, walking, standing. Provide benefit for sitting, traveling.
  • Anti Microbial and moisture wicking-Bamboo fibers help keep your feet fresh, dry, and comfortable.  Bamboo's moisture-wicking and anti-microbial properties help to naturally reduce odors and discomfort.
  • Sizes

Medium- medium foot with calf circumference under 12 inches

Large- large foot size with calf circumference 14-15 inches

(XL)-large foot size with calf circumference 15-16 inches

(XXL)-large foot size with calf circumference 16-18 inches

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