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April 08, 2018

Putting on a compression stocking is a difficult task, especially for people with limited mobility and strength or those with back pain The Hinged Compression Sock Aide is the perfect tool to assist with this task.

The Hinged Compression Sock Aide from Shock Aid Adaptive Equipment comes with a customized hinge and spring to make putting the sock on the device and foot easier. The hinge allows the sock aide to close to a smaller opening which makes putting socks on the device much easier. The hinge also opens with the help of the spring to make a larger opening which will accommodate most feet sizes. These special features help those with weak or arthritic fingers independently perform the task without over stretching their socks. Flexible soft ropes and comfortable foam grips make it easy to grip and pull. The Hinged Compression Sock Aide has a durable and smooth finish to provide years of injury free use.

The Hinged Compression Sock Aide and its companion device, the Shock Aid Self Care Tool is invaluable for putting on and taking off compression hosiery. Both have been clinically tested with a large population of patients.  People with arthritis and those who have bending limitations find these devices extremely useful to increase independence. For those with back pain, these two devices can save an average individual over 6000 bends with the back a year. However, it is important to know that typical sock aids often can’t be used for compression stockings. You need a device that specially designed to meet the needs of people who have trouble donning compression stockings.